Parenting counseling is a type of service that Takshashila Public School Provides with the aim to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and most especially support to parents without bias or judgment. This way, they become more fully equipped to take care of their children.

Child counseling primarily involves 'play therapy' in addition to the commonly used talk therapy. Children, owing to their still developing language and communication skills often cannot express themselves verbally. They can relate to symbols better, such as are found in stories, picture books, puppets and drawings. This also makes therapy enjoyable for children.

Through child counseling, we focus on the following:

  • The objective here is to help children fully express their needs, worries and anxieties.

  • Puppets, games, colors, make-believe play and story-telling sessions help us build rapport and understand the child's world and his/her mind.

  • This helps us understand important aspects about the child such as his self-esteem, how loved he feels and how he relates to the people around him.

  • On the basis of the above, we identify the roots of the problem behaviours. In most cases, the roots lie in unfulfilled emotional needs.

  • We also work on the child’s social skills in order to help him deal better with his environment.