Examination Rules Of Discipline

Attendance in the morning assembly is compulsory. Disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters. Misbehavior with conductor or driver while travelling by authorized transport staff. Student will be punished /expelled from the school if found involved. Fines may be imposed by the principal for irregularity, indiscipline of for damage to the school property. Pupils must speak in English in the school premises. All the students must take part in Games Physical Exercise and all other school activities, when the students are selected for programs in the school. They are to take part in it activity .The parents are to assist by supplying the dress or other materials when asked to do so. All the students are to participate in group photos, functions, competitions, whenever the school organizes.

General Information

The parents should ensure everyday that:

Their wards regularly coming to the school in proper time, in neat and clean approved uniform. Wards are carrying proper books and copies according to the schedule of the day along with their student diary. Their wards are regularly depositing complete assignments on time to the teacher for correction and getting them back after required correction within three days. Their wards are not carrying any valuable item such as expensive watch, pen, calculator, mobiles and jewelry etc.They do not borrow or lend any items, money, book etc. from any body in the school. No one will responsible for such transaction Their wards are observing general code of conduct in and outside the school. Students should keep their bicycles at the cycle stand with properly locked, school authorities will not be held responsible for any loss. Their wards should take fresh lunch of their interest with a napkin spread over the desk while having lunch. During break, lunch is supervised by the class teacher. Discourage the consumption of fast food and aerated drinks. Using gentle and tactful persuasion replace these with fruits milk and home made food. School uniform is compulsory; every child must have sufficient pair of uniform. All the fees has to be deposited up to 15th of the due month (i.e. April, July, oct. &Jan.) Important dates of calendar are communicated, well in advance by the student or through remarks of class teacher in their dairy. Student will be responsible for any misinterpretation of any rule of the code of conduct to their parents of keeping them in the dark about the remarks given by an authority of the school. The subject and class teachers may only be contacted on prior intimation to the principal. (Meeting hours 1:15 to 2:00 pm). Transfer Certificate and security deposit will be issued on clearance of school dues according to the rules. No half day leave. The students who habitually keep including in cheating, theft, misbehavior, or misconduct,deposite repeated warning and constant efforts by the staff to improve their behavior, will be expelled even at time of final examination. This type of cases will be taken by a disciplinary committee, appointed by the principal. Extra Guidance / remedial class may be held after school hours to help specially the slow learners. You are requested to co-operate. Parent/teacher meeting will be held from time to time in order to acquaint you of the progress of your child. You are requested to attend these meetings. On all matters regarding students, decision of Principal will be final.


CBSE Circular 2017

CBSE Circular 2017

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