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·       Studentshave to come to school in neat, clean & proper school uniform.

·       P.Nc. Studentsshall come in white uniform only on Wednesday.

·      Student attendance  is compulsory ; in the event of anyunavoidable circumstance, for absence must be mentioned in the diary by theparents.

·       Parents-Teacher – Meeting is held for parents to interact with their ward’s classteacher; kindly make it convenient to attend.

·       The parent shouldnot try  to meet their ward’s classteacher during school hours . However you may meet him / her after school hoursby taking a prior appointment with him / her.

·       The sameperson should be sent everyday for those children who are picked up by their servantor drivers.

·       Parents mustfill the first page of their ward’s diary immediately after distribution of thediary.

·       Diary shouldbe signed by the parents and sent along with the student daily.

·       Parents ortheir servants are not allowed to enter any classroom.

·       Student  have to attend assembly in the morning; latecomers shall not be allowed to enter the class room.

·       Parents arerequested not to send their children for half day; it is advisable to not sendtheir children to school under such circumstance.

·       (for P.Nc.& Nc. students only) Extra undergarments are to be packed in the school bagregularly, to be accidently spoils his / her clothes.

·       The bag,napkin, water bottle, lunch box etc carried by the child should have his/ hername class, sec written on it in order to avoid any kind of loss of student’sbelongings.

·       Duringbirthday, children shall be allowed to distribute candies / toffees only.

·       Studentattendance is compulsory on every occasion & cultural event.

·       Kindly coverthe book & copies and paste name slips on the same.

·       The studentshould bring his / her own pencil box, colour box & handkerchief daily.

·       Studentshave to pack their bags according to time table.

·       Work books(every subject), activity book, drawing copy, scrap book to be submitted to therespective teacher.

·       All kind ofassignment should be done by the student only.

·       Parent’s cooperationis solicited in maintaining punctuality, regularity & discipline during allschool functions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



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