Regional topper-Sarthak Taneja-2014

    District topper - Anurag Chaudhary-2016

    Awarded 3rd for Swastha Mission-2020-21 at district level

    Independent school association-Awarded best teacher award to best school facility.

    For 5 consecutive years awarded by police line at district level for best presentation on national festival.

    Declared as fit India school by goverment of india ministry of Yale Food Addiction Scale.

    Awarded 3rd in Jagran Sanskarshala Programme.

    Certificate of excellence of succesfully incorporating of unique learning and meaningful experience Iken school Ecosystem.

Fitness Club

"The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit".A person with good health and fitness becomes able to live his/her life to its fullest extent., It is very important for a person in life to be physically and mentally fit to live a healthy and happy life. Healthy and fit people become less prone to the medical conditions.Fitness at Takshashila Public School does not mean to be physically fit only, it also means with healthy mental state of the person. One can get healthy mental state if he/she becomes physically fit. The simple way to remain healthy and fit is having stress free mind with regular exercise and balanced diet. People who are physically active can easily maintain a relaxed state of mind. Healthy and fit people can easily face all the ups and downs of their life and less affected by any drastic change

Principal's Message

It is indeed an honour and pleasure to be associated with Takshashila Public School, Shahjahanpur.Through the grace of God I have been blessed with the opportunity through this address to interact with all of you and to share my views with you. Every child has hidden talents. They are like soft Buds who need to blossom and spread their fragrance all around. Continuous encouragement, opportunities, for self realization and display of inner potential, inspiration by adults and an environment of growth and harmony are factors which help children to develop their talents....

Mr. Prakhar Khandelwal